Using the search panel, search for the item you wish to buy. Contact the seller via the chat section or by phone to set up a meeting and negotiate prices.

Be sure to meet with the seller in a public place and pay only after you get the item.

These terms should be discussed between you and the seller. However, advice you not to make payment in advance but set up a physical meeting with the seller and pay only after you have reviewed the product.

Yes, we at Cowreez require online, and manual verifications from each seller to ensure you maximum safety, so you can always look out for the “Verified” status next to the seller’s. Not all sellers are verified.

However, if you notice any unusual activities, (even with verified sellers) you must immediately contact our support team and your report will be treated urgently.

If the seller turns out to be a scammer, he or she will be block immediately and removed.

To leave a feedback; click on the button "Leave feedback", that you can find in each advert. This allows you give a detailed feedback about the seller.

Your feedback will be visible to all our users, registered and otherwise.

We try to our best check our sellers carefully, but it’s almost impossible to vouch for every one (even when verified).

To avoid disappointments, we strongly recommend that you meet with the sellers in public and inspect your item of interest thoroughly.

We are highly focused on security and try to solve any issues in short terms. Tips on how to buy safely:

  1. Meet with sellers face to face in a public place Always make sure you meet with the sellers in public places to ensure your safety and to check if the product meets your expectations before you make payment.
  2. Never disclose your financial information that could be misused Be attentive and avoid scams and frauds, such as fake payment services, fee requests or requests to use money transfer services.
  3. Be careful and check the company's background twice in job ads
  4. Use your discretion wisely

Always follow your intuition when making these purchase, and back of anything that seems too good to be true.

Post Ads, using the the green button

(registered members only. Nonregistered members are required to register before continuing)

  1. Click on the button "Post Ad"; for single items
  2. Complete item description, title, price and upload image(s), decide to feature it or not,
  3. Publish Ads through once the form has been completed
  4. Wait for the Admin to approve your post.
  5. Ads awaiting approval are found under the “Pending Approval” tab of my account area.
  6. Approved Ads are found under the “Active Ads” tab of my account area.

  1. You must add a precise title for each advert;
  2. Make sure you add brief and clear description without any false information and at least 70 characters long;
  3. Every advert should contain only unique images without any contact information or watermarks.
  4. Ensure items are listed in the right category.
  5. The prices of your items must be closely related to the real prices of similar products in the market.
  6. Ensure your phone number and email address are valid
  7. Ensure your products and services are located in your present geographical area.
  8. Ensure your listed items are not contrabands or illegal substances
  9. Ensure each post represents a single item
  10. Ensure your different items are not have same name, create unique adverts..

All post are live for 90days, if an item is not sold after 90days and you wish to relist and expired listing, simply

  1. Click on the “Expired Ads” tab,
  2. Select the Ads you want to re-publish and;
  3. Click “Publish”.

You have probably breached a listing policy; all qualified ads are approved within 24hours of listing. Check your Ads;

  1. Ensure it has a valid image,
  2. Ensure it has the right price
  3. Ensure it has the right description
  4. Ensure it is not a contraband

Ensure all images uploaded on are in the right orientation;

  1. Landscape not portrait
  2. The width should be more than the height (example: 600 by 400)

If you want more attention on your post, simply feature it. Our featured items randomly appear on our homepage, item details page and other pages throughout the website, if you want more attention, feature it.

Our feature option start from as little as

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