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About us:

Cowreez is a free classified ads and marketplace with the sole purpose of bridging the gap between buyers and sellers irrespective of their location around the world. Cowreez provides buyers and sellers with the platform to connect and exchange goods and services seamlessly with the highest transparency to reduce the occurrence of scam. Cowreez allows your publish ads in every category possible; from items such as Cars, groceries and a lot more for sale, to services and jobs.

Cowreez was founded in January 2021 by fast rising serial entrepreneur Bukola ogundipe; a tech entrepreneur with its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria focused on helping make the eCommerce market easier for the average citizen of the world to sell their offerings.

One unique feature that sets Cowreez apart from every other classified ad; is there free ad listing policy. This means sellers can publish ads on our website at absolutely no cost at all. Cowreez also offers zero commissions on goods sold; sellers are guaranteed their 100% profit for any product or service they are giving.

I warmly welcome you to Cowreez.com, a marketplace where every little kobo counts. Your presence here is very appreciated and will never be taken for granted.

Bukola Ogundipe, CEO

"One man's trash is another man's treasure"

If you don't need it, get cash for it

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